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Self-Help Housing Program

Self-Help Housing Program

What is Self-Help Housing?

Individual houses are built (under supervision) by families who will live in the houses or extended family and friends. By contributing the labor and acting as the general contractor on your own home, the cost of the home stays low.

What will I have to do?

Self-Help members must work under the guidance of a construction supervisor to perform the required tasks necessary to complete a house. You must agree to build modest, adequate home. Once your home is complete, you will need to carry out all responsibilities of home ownership.
How do I apply?

Each family interested in the Self-Help Program applies at Universal Housing Development Corporation (UHDC). We process your application on a first come first served basis. Our UHDC Housing Counselor is available to make sure that if you have any credit issues, they can be cleared up before your application moves further. Loan applications are then filed with USDA Rural Development for funding in the office serving the county where the house is to be built.

Contact UHDC at 479-968-5001 for more information.

You can also click the link below to follow the construction of a self-help home step-by-step on the slide show.

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